bohemian forest (sky!)

bohemian forest (main structures)

bohemian forest (cloud)

Industrial Habitat #9

trace nr.7

trace nr.6

trace nr.5

trace nr.4

trace nr.3

trace nr.2

trace nr.1

facing trace

river horizon nr.2

searching for linears nr.2

searching for linears nr.1b

nude linears

house nr.45

house nr.44 (eden)

house nr.43

house nr.42

house nr.41

house nr.40

house nr.39

house nr.38

house nr.37

house nr.36

house nr.6b

house nr.4b

house nr.3b

house nr.2b

house nr.1c

house nr.1b

car nr.12

car nr.11

car nr.10

car nr.9

house Nr.35

house Nr.34

house Nr.33

house Nr.32c

house Nr.31

house Nr.30

house Nr.29

house Nr.28

house Nr.27

house Nr.26

house Nr.25

house Nr.24

house Nr.23

house Nr.22

house Nr.21

house Nr.20

car Nr.8

car Nr.7

car Nr.6

car Nr.5

car Nr.4

car Nr.3

car Nr.2

car Nr.1

houses & cars ( atelier view)

river horizon (linear 1)

House Nr.19

House Nr.18

House Nr.17

House Nr.16

House Nr.15

House Nr.14

House Nr.13

House Nr.12

line expansion (House Nr.11)

line expansion (House Nr.10)

line expansion (House Nr.9)

line expansion (House Nr.8)

line expansions (open door)

house 7 (in a forest)

house 6 ( with bus station)

house 5 (with clothes line)

house 4 (with trees like grass)

line expansion (manual)

line expansion (house 3)

line expansion (house 2)

line expansion (house 1)

composition with found things in three parts, 3

composition with found things in three parts, 2

composition with found things in three parts, 1

Book of Meme

long time no see

goodbye my dearest friend

lost my mind #3

lost my mind #2

lost my mind #1

one day it went almost impossible to ignore it

feeling cloudy

fight (study)

getting hungry

shining #5

shining (#1,3,4)

out of the blue

out of the blue

Notwendige Abstraktion

I am thirsty – one thought series

Karussell – one thought series



good night & good luck

measuring in frames


what does she mean