ENTROPY (exhibition view)

12 houses and 4 entropic things
Action with 16 Instant-Tattoos / 2015
ENTROPY- Thomas J.Jelinek and guests / TQW Tanzquartier Vienna

An open collaborative art-lab was be established at the Tanzquartier Wien. In it, together with scientists, a temporary community of invited artists from various genres were negotiate our present in a convergent discourse process, and develop a performative, active communication installation out of it.
On the two days the lab was „public“, in order to create a performative discourse space. Every day is different, the LAB is developing, as also the number of protagonists is growing.
The term entropy, which people like to use unscientifically as a measure of disorder, is the impulse.
The installations are trails through human perception and the attempt to organise oneself in a dynamic system in order to survive.
To survive in an entropic system there is a need to make decisions. During the action I asked persons to lie down on a table. She / He had a huge amount of possibilities like what motive, where to put and why. The more options, the more it went difficult to make a desicion.